Sunday, July 1, 2007

You want me to do What?!

Let's face it, cleanup can be a dirty job - and one that is usually accompanied by a sigh, a shrug, a look of disgust or the person being assigned to the cleanup saying "You want me to do What?!" All in all, the usual response is one of dread.

Ah, but that was before Dry Ice Blasting. Now, put a wand in someone's hand and not only is the cleaning job performed better and faster, but the person cleaning doesn't want to stop either. That's a hidden bonus of dry ice blasting: It's fun!

Let's take a look at a few great examples of lousy cleanup jobs that are made nicer (read: easier, more pleasant, less stressful - well, you get the idea...) and even enjoyable with dry ice blasting. All are things no one will want to do again without dry ice blasting.

Moldy nails

Almost unbelievably, mold remediation contractors have to individually clean the heads of nails securing the materials they're cleaning. Why? To remove any mold that has grown around those nail heads. How do they do this? Three main ways: manually sanding the nail head and surroundings (doubt that would be my favorite job), or soda-blasting the area causing a secondary cleanup nightmare, or encapsulating the nail by spraying some type of sealant over it - and not removing the mold at all (what a cover up!).

With dry ice blasting, just a wave of the wand cleans the nail heads and surrounding area - just the same as the other material being cleaned. No additional work. No additional cleanup. No phony results. All in a fraction of the time.

Beating the dryer drum

Did you ever look at a dryer drum? Lots of holes. Lots and lots of holes. Now look at a large industrial dryer drum used by laundry companies. As the Beatles would say: "Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall!" Wow, that's a lot of holes. Now imagine climbing into these dryers with your hammer and chisel at the ready to open up the hundreds and hundreds of holes that are gunked up. And we're talking hard gunk here - the linen fibers and chemicals create quite a solid mix.

Now imagine just a wave of the wand with dry ice blasting and Hey, presto it’s done. Bring on the rest!

The Road to heartbreak is paved...

...with asphalt. Can you visualize being given a bucket of chemical solvents and a high pressure washer and then marched out to a piece of hot asphalt-laying equipment and told "Clean it and make it look like new!" Most likely, you would look old before the equipment looked new - either from the duration of your cleanup task, or from the chemicals eating at your skin.

Now picture this same seemingly insurmountable cleanup becoming child's play compared to its previous effort. Just a wave of the wand (okay, probably a few waves) and your machine will sparkle - and your boss will love you! No chemicals, no hassle. It's a beautiful thing.

What's the bottom line?

When you have any cleaning job where just the thought of it prompts you or your staff to scream "You want me to do What?!", then it's definitely time to take a look at dry ice blasting. And of course, when you think Dry Ice Blasting, think Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting.


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