Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Ah, the New Year!

The plans, the expectations, the goals, the... [fill in the blank]!

So what is your resolution this year? Whether you're an individual, a business owner, a plant manager, a quality engineer, whatever... you obviously have plans for what you wish to accomplish in 2008.

So... what are they?

Getting Green? Do you want to become more environmentally conscious? Make your work environment safer, implement ISO 14001 standards?

Getting Lean? Do you want to implement LEAN, Six Sigma, TQM or 5S measures or programs, increase efficience, productivity and quality?

Improving profitability? Do you want to reduce labor, reduce downtime, reduce production stoppages and increase your bottom line?

Goals vs Actionable Goals

It's no secret that 90% of New Year's resolutions and goals are broken by the end of January. Why? Because there's a difference between a Goal and an Actionable Goal. Actionable means it is a goal that is not of the pie-in-the-sky variety, it is achievable. And most importantly, it is a goal that you have an action plan on how to achieve it.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is not an end-all solution to LEAN, Six Sigma, environmental awareness or profitability. But it can (and in many cases SHOULD) play an integral part in all of them.

Dry ice blasting has been referred to as the best cleaning technology you've never heard of - and that fits. If more industries knew about the advantages of dry ice blast cleaning, supply wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand.

With impressive ROIs, quality results and environmental benefits it's simply amazing that dry ice blasting is not the first method considered when companies have a serious cleaning need.

So, let this be your first call to action of 2008:
And remember, it's not what dry ice blasting can do for you, it's what you're losing by NOT using dry ice blasting.


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