Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dry Ice as Dry Ice

The Beauty is in the simplicity.

We've spent a lot of time over the years talking about dry ice as a medium for industrial cleaning. But there's a lot more to this champion of coolness than its cleanliness. In fact, to see some of the major commercial benefits of dry ice you need to look no further than one simple fact: it is very cold!

(Oh yeah, and it's dry too!)

As a cooling substance, dry ice has many advantages:
  • it's dry
  • it has three times the refrigeration power of water ice
  • it sublimates without leaving any residue
  • it's non-toxic
  • it's non-flammable
  • it's tasteless and odorless
This makes dry ice the perfect candidate for the unique, and sometime extreme, cooling needs of industries including:
  • Airline catering
  • Medical samples & Pharmaceutical distribution
  • Food Processing
  • Winemaking
  • Baking
  • Composite Material Manufacturing
And to meet all of these new demands for cooling applications, dry ice manufacturing equipment providers, like Cold jet, are developing new lines of high technology production equipment.

From best-in-class slice manufacturing, to on-site/on-time production, to leading edge remote manufacturing monitoring capabilities for production equipment, Cold Jet is driving new technologies to meet the cooling needs of industries across the world.

For more information on dry ice manufacturing technology, visit the www.dryiceproduction.com website.


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